Hi, I'm Dina
lighting & digital designer
based in Berlin
I engage in design process from concept to details
- preliminary design research & analysis
- concept & ideation
- handsketching
- concept graphics & visualization
- CAD drawing
- lighting specification
- lighting study
- lighting calculation

and presented the work "The Use of Lighting as Media for Brand Identity".
I think it's becoming a life-long research for me:
potential of light as message and story communicator is endless.
In 2016 I completed
M.A. Architectural Lighting Design
- Boulevard Ring, Moscow, Russia
- Bauhaus Museum, Dessau, Germany
- Vorobyovy Gory Park, Moscow, Russia
- Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany
- Chiemnitz Shopping Center, Germany
- Nine Elms, London, UK
- Hong Kong Airport Terminal Extension, Hong Kong
- Cashcai Shopping Center, Portugal
- Police Justice Center, Zurich, Switzerland

*Which I can not show online
but could present some of them at personal meeting
I was involved in different international projects*
I'm always open to inspiring collaboration,
new challenges and interesting ideas
so feel free to drop me an email
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